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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

The world is in danger! Run! Not in real danger, so do not run away too far.

Oops, perhaps I should have said that before the ‘Run!’… Anyway, when you are not reading this anymore, you are a coward. And you can never play the role of Buzz Lightyear, the Hero of Star Command. Oh, but those folks are not reading anymore… Shame. You, my dear reader, you can be a hero. If you are around the age of 9. Perhaps a bit less, but not much more, because after 12-13 or so, there should be other points of interest in your life then Disney characters. Boys if you are a girl, girls if you are a boy. But let’s get on with this game…

As I said, the world is in danger. The evil Zurg and his army must be stopped, and who else is capable of doing that then Buzz? It will be hard to defeat all the enemies, and Buzz will need all the powers that he has (and all his friends) to get to the ‘Grand Finale’, the battle with Zurg himself. 14 levels are to be completed before you get there. As usual, you get extra bonuses when you do something really good, but if that includes an extra level, I don’t know. Never got that far…

As you can see on the screenshots, the world of Buzz is colourful. It consists of 16 colours, to be precise. Not much, but enough to do the job. It is a game made after the movie, and Toy Story did not have much more colours, if my memory is correct. Buzz starts at the beginning of a road, that he must follow to the end, where an enemy tries to escape. That road is not a straight line, what did you expect? To be honest, playing with the keyboard makes your fingers hurt, a gamepad or a joystick is highly recommended. The fact that you have to aim at the enemies to shoot them out of the way makes it even harder to advance. If possible, try to save as many green fellows also, just by touching them. Not shooting at them, remind! And if that were all, it would be easy, so the bonuses and power ups are on the left and on the right side of the road, or behind rocks… Arcade, pure arcade, that is the goal of the game.

The gun that you start with is rather simple, but by picking up credits, you can buy better ones, just by running over them. A plasma gun, a homing plasma gun, rockets, lasers, grenades, iceguns and gattling guns are available. Each of them has the possibility to get an upgrade, some can even get four upgrades. To defend Buzz, there are shields in all kind of flavours. The medic kits are essential, and you get fuel along the way also. This is needed to keep your hoverboard in the air. Or the Jet Pack, or the Jet Bike. Even a Teleport is available, to get you from one side to the other.

Every level is different, but the action itself can become repetitive after a while. But that remark is not important. The audience that Buzz is made for is playing on a Gameboy for hours and hours without getting bored. So they will like this game, on one condition: they have to know who Buzz is. And the movie is rather old. So before you buy this (also old) game in the Disney Classics (or budget) version, be sure that the child you are buying it for, has a copy of the video ‘Toy Story’!

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