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Cabin Fever

Five friends have rented a cabin in the woods and are headed off to a nice vacation. Paul, Karen, Bert, Marcy and Jeff may not be the best of friends and get along fine all the time, but they do like each other enough to spend their holidays together. However, once arriving into town, they immediately realise the people outdoors may not be as normal as one would think. A guy with a retarded kid that likes to bite people, a shop owner who has a gun laying around for “niggers”, … strange folks… They decide to get to their cabin as soon as possible to be able to get the part going on. Little after their arrival however, a man starts banging on the door, asking for help as he’s sick. when they open they see his skin is completely getting eaten up. They get scared and chase him away, but in the fight that follows, he gets hit by a burning piece of wood and runs away completely in flames. Not long after, one of them gets sick aswell and before long they realise they all could get infected by the virus that was plagueing the man. Bert goes out to get help into town, but when he gets bitten by the retarded kid, his dad gathers a couple of guys and heads off to kill the youngsters…

Sound and Vision:
The transfer to dvd didn’t affect the image quality. We didn’t spot any compression errors and the overall image was sharp, detailed and had a hood level of black. Grain wasn’t present either so not too bad. Sound isn’t too bad either.

The version we receid didn’t have any special features. The final version should include the following :
– so/soon available,
– trailer Reel Filmclips,
– Martial Art Clip
– Featurette
but as we haven’t seen any of these, we can’t pass judgment on them.

Cabin Fever is being promoted as thé horror sensation of the year and a hommage to the classic movies like Evil Dead, Blair Witch Project and The Thing. Personally, I find this hardly a good comparison. Ok, the movie was made on a tight budget and did get quite a lot of income in a very short time, but the storyline is plain ridiculous and not even laughable (which Evil Dead is). Tention is far to be found (The Thing and Blair Witch Project are very exciting) and there are major gaps in the script. Only for true horror fans that don’t have a classic laying around and are looking to rent something.

Our Score:

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