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Call of Duty: United Offensive

World War 2. Five years in which a lot of fighting has been done, lots of people have died, and even more lost dear ones. In Call of Duty you could, together with the American, British and Russian liberators, free Europe from the steal grip of Hitler and his Nazi party. The game was beautiful, wonderful, great atmosphere and you felt immediately part of the team. But not all battles made Call of Duty. More reason to make an expansion that would include these: Call of Duty: United Offensive.

Just like in CoD you first play on the American side. Together with Sgt. Moody, Cpt. Foley (characters from CoD) you can head off to battle once again against the Germans in good old Belgium. Indeed, it’s time again for “The Battle of the Bulge”.
Much as in CoD, you hardly have any time to prepare, before you’ve really checked out where you are, a German patrol will be all over you (with tanks) and you’re in the middle of combat. Tanks are shooting, bombs are falling right next to you, your ears are hurting from the explosions, the enemy needs to conquer your part of the field again. Pure action, just like CoD. Great.

As you can see, the gameplay hasn’t changed much and that’s for the better as I found CoD’s fantastic. The couple of things that have been noteably altered is amongst others the friendly AI. Where you already had a feeling of being part of the team, CoD:UO only gives more emphasys on this although it doesn’t get noticed so hard. After all, in CoD it could happen that you were running 10 meters in front of the rest before they would even start moving.

The action has been expanded a bit aswell and the combat has been made a bit more exciting. Also the Germans react more alert to your presence, but you can anticipate this with the new weapons that are at your disposal. Everything has been well thought out and nicely balanced. Still, there are – like in CoD – a couple of missions that are extremely difficult and make you loose your appetite for gaming. Such is the mission where you’re a gunner in a bomber and constantly need to change weapon to keep the enemy fighters off your tail. Compare this mission with the one in CoD where you would be in the back of a truck (after blowing up the dam) and had to blow up all vehicles with a panzerfaust that were heading towards you and you know the difficulty of what’s coming to you.

The graphics and music haven’t changed a lot but just enough to make things a bit more exciting. The engine has been upgraded and now you’ll really get to see clouds of dust when grenades fall next to you, see sand flying in the air when a bomb falls, etc etc etc. Fantastic addition that increases the atmosphere a lot.

CoD:UO doesn’t only bring us a lot of new singleplayer missions but was supposed to give us a newer and more varied multiplayer aswell. Unfortunately I couldn’t try this out as my pc apparantly could never make a connection with the server. Sad and unfortunate.

CoD:UO is a worthy expansion of one of the best WW2 shooters of the last couple of years. The atmosphere, the graphics, the music are all just perfect and crafted up to the smallest details. A must have for anyone who likes the original CoD. For those that don’t have Call of Duty: go to the store and get it along with the expansion, you won’t regret it.

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