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Campfire Tales, The

A couple of teenagers get an accident with their car in the middle of nowhere. They decide to leave the car where it is and start up a campfire not far from the road, whilst waiting for someone to stop. To pass the time, they start telling each other stories that may or may not have happened but all have the same idea: to get the others scared.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound quality are reasonable. Seeing that we don’t get widescreen nor a 5.1 track, we can’t complain with the end result. However, I’m sure a real surround track would have made things a lot better.


Some time ago, I wrote a review on Dead End and the pitch of that movie resembles a lot the one from this one. In fact, all the “stories” that we get to see are remarkably known to me. Probably because I’ve seen Urban Legend 1 & 2, the movies where the creators of The Campfire Tales got their ideas from. We get the usual hack&slash, without too much gore, and with a nice sauce of tension. Nothing extraordinary but for a budget price you may want to check it out. If only for that classic feeling you only get when seeing a “teenage slasher movie”

Our Score:

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