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Canadian Bacon

Things aren’t going too well in the US with the cold war having ended. Weapons factories are closing down and the popularity of the president (Alan Alda) is dropping so a new cold war needs to be created. The problem is: who ? The Russians aren’t a real option as they’re busy with themselves and no other enemies are present anymore… The only solution that remains is Canada! This peaceful neighbour of the United States should not pose a real problem but after a decent media campaign the Americans start burning their ice skates and are really into hating the Canadians.

Sheriff Boomer (Candy) and his deputy Honey (Perlman) however take things a little further than expected and take things into their own hands. They make a pre-emptive strike on Canada but things don’t go as well as they had hoped and they have to leave Honey behind. Once back in the US, their actions have caused a major international incident and things are getting more and more out of hand…

Sound and Vision:
Although this is a budget release, the overall image quality is decent. Colors are very natural, brightnes, contrast and detail are good and edge enhancement is only very limited present. Only real downpoint is the fact that there are quite some white dots viewable caused by dirt and/or damage on the original source.

The original 2.0 soundtrack has good stereo spreading but is a bit harsh from time to time. Nothing spectacular but good understandable and for a budget release we wouldn’t expect much more.

Only the original trailer.

Canadian Bacon was created in 1995 but remains extremely up to date when it comes to the idea behind the movie. Michael Moore really shows us a realistic picture of how the American government sometimes looks for “enemies” to blame if things don’t go all too well in their own country so they can make sure they aren’t to blame for being incapable of running the country. Great movie if you see the links with the real world. Rather boring if you don’t understand what Moore is trying to say

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