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Capcom Fighting Jam

Is the world waiting for yet another 2D fighter ? That’s the question I posed when Capcom Fighting Jam arrived in my mailbox. What can the old Capcom heroes do next to the Tekkens and Virtua Fighters of this next-gen world ? Especially since we really thought this genre had had its best after the Marvel vs. Capcom-series. What can CFJ add to its predecessors ? Let’s see…

CFJ unites characters from Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter 3, Darkstalker and Red Earth. At the beginning of the single player game you choose 2 characters and with them you’ll have to play the rest of the game. For each fight you can choose which one to use. This means you’ll have to take things a bit more tactical and take into consideration the qualities of your opponents. Unfortunately that’s about all there is about original new features. The single player contests are 6 matches at most and except for a new manga-like animation after winning the last fight there isn’t much honor to be won. Next to single player there are only a VS and training mode present. Variation is an evil word it seems.

The graphics are as we expect them to be from a 2D fighter: ok but not extraordinary. The characters look like they’ve run away from the original games and the background are quite simple. The background music and effects are really retro. One will think back in nostalgia to the time this was cutting edge, while someone else will will probably breathe a lot easier knowing that those days are long gone.

But 2D fighters have always excelled in their strong gameplay and also here, CFJ falls short. To balance the different characters the abilities have been alered a bit. Especially the Street Fighter bunch has had to let go a lot of their special powers and on top of that, the timing of pushing the buttons has been made easier so making combo’s is hardly a problem. These two little changes result in gameplay that doesn’t manage to get to the level of the old classics.

Although my expectations weren’t all too high, Capcom Fighting Jam didn’t succeed in fulfilling them. This title adds nothing to the genre and is completely redundant in my opinion. Only the hardcore 2D fighting lover may think about buying this game, but even then it might be worth more renting it for a night first

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