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Capcom vs. SNK2: Mark of the Millennium

People that know Capcom fight games aswell as SNK will have no problems finding similarities with Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium. Just picture Street Fighter revisited and you know what this game is like.

2D fighters are becoming extinct and except for Capcom, no other publishers seem to be interested in the genre anymore. Therefor, everyone should have a decent 2D fight game by now already.

You know the drill. Loads of characters to choose from (40 in total), no storyline and just plain bashing buttons until your opponent doesn’t stand up anymore.

So, let’s go to the things that matter in this type of game, starting with graphics.

The backgrounds are pretty well-done and although it’s a 2D fighting game, they are in some kind of 3D (or at least, there’s a true 3D effect).
The characters are miserable. It looks like I’m playing an old arcade game. Details on the players are limited and they don’t have enough animations in my opinion to show fluent moves.

While I loved the early Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games, I’m pretty disappointed in the way characters are portrayed here. They are smaller than in the earliest games and therefor less reckognisable (maybe it was done intentionally to show more of the background ?). Some characters even look like they were drawn for the Gameboy Advance…

The sound is a normal techno-like track which doesn’t really bother you while playing. Actually, it’s nothing really special and thankfully you’ll probably not even notice it.

The gameplay is divided in 6 different “grooves” which resemble gameplay types which have appeared in earlier Street Fighter games but except for a few small details the basic line is always the same.

The control system is using 6 knobs which are easy to use and by smashing everything as much as possible, you can get combo’s running up fastly, kicking the hell out of your opponent.

All in all, I have to say that it’s clear that everyone should have a decent 2D fighter on his console. This title in specific is like a compilation of all great 2D console fighting games ever created. Unfortunately, this title also shows why so little 2D fighters are created these days, they are out of date.

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