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It’s 50 years before the Cylons attack the Colonies. Daniel Graystone is a renowned scientist who’s created a fully working 3D world in which people can escape to for some fun. As such, his equally genious daughter Zoe has managed to secretely create a copy of her being into this world and wants to use her for great things. However, while on the way to the airport to flee to another planet where she can live “free” from her father, she and a friend die in a train bombing. Also victim of the bombing are the wife and daughter of Joseph Adama, an attorney with ties to the mob who is overwhelmed by his loss and therefore tries to bond with his son again.

Joseph and Daniel Graystone meet each other during the investigation into the train bombing and when Graystone finds out what his daughter was up to, he calls upon Adama to help him get the digital version of his daughter into the real world by using a cybernetic organism, called Cylon…

Sound and Vision:
Caprica has a very polished look and feel, especially when compared to Battlestar Galactica. Where BSG got a dark and very grainy look, things here are sunny, bright, open and clean. This gives the pilot a very different feel as a prequel than the series it originated from and makes that eventhough you notice the links with BSG, it’s quite different.

The sound is well-done as well but the lack of action make that the focus is more on dialogue where the surrounds and subwoofer only get used sporadically. Still, a very solid transfer, even if it can’t be used to show off your surround system.

– Audio commentary track
– Deleted Scenes
– Video Blogs

The audio commentary track will certainly please the BSG fans as Reiner, Moore and Eick give quite some decent information about Caprica.

Where Battlestar Galactica was a true space opera filled with action, Caprica is more of a drama where character development and mystery are key. There’s hardly any action going on, but the new world we get to see in this pilot gives plenty of opportunity for a new series that resolves around two men who will ultimately lead their society into destruction.

Judging the pilot by itself is rather hard but it certainly is a must-have for those that want to check out the rest of the series and shows that the potential is there to attract not only the current crop of BSG fans but also more of the general public who aren’t really into space battles. Looking forward to the first season!

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