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Captivity 2-Disc SE

Jennifer Tree is an upcoming fashion model who seems to have it all. One night, however, she gets abducted by a man who puts her in a dark cell. Day after day she gets tested and has to undergo gruesome traps. After some time she finds out that she’s not alone. In a room next to her, a guy called Gary also seems to be held prisoner. The two start looking for escape.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is above average with good sharp images, a decent color palette and good contrast levels. Compression errors or stuff like grain or dirt are nowhere to be found.

The soundtrack does a nice job as well with good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer but the dialogues at times tend to lack some dynamics.

– Film Clips
– Behind the Scenes
– Interviews with cast & crew
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailers

The usual Dutch Filmworks crappy extras that really don’t add much to the dvd. Also it’s pretty funny (or sad for that matter) to see that the extras are put on a seperate disk while they could have easily fit on the first one next to the film…

Roland JoffĂ© is best known for his classics The Killing Fields and The Mission but ever since those he’s made little meaningful movies. With Captivity he takes on the “Saw” genre of horror movies and fails miserably. Captivity has some of Saw’s gruesome images with plenty of blood and adds those with some plot twists but in the end it just remains boring as hell. At no time will you be surprised, you can see everything coming from miles away and there’s nothing that can keep the viewer interested. Except for maybe some of the violence.

No, if you want to see a Saw rip-off, better to go for one of the sequels of the originals than Captivity.

Our Score:

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