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Cars that ate Paris, The

While driving in the neighbourhood of the Australian town Paris, Arthur and George are caught in an accident. Arthur survives the crash but can’t remember anything except that just before the accident, he saw lights coming at him. While recovering in Paris, he starts noticing that a lot of car crashes happen in the little town. Also, the inhabitants aren’t all too keen on strangers it seems and the adults appear to have problems with their rebellish children. Before long, Arthur finds answers to his questions, but whether he wanted to know them is another thing…

Sound and Vision:
This movie is 30 years old but A-Film managed to clean up the source quite good and although the colors look pale, overall we get a good image quality. Sharp image, good detail and no compression errors. There is some edge enhancement present though.

The 2.0 soundtrack sounds really old and dated and there’s constantly some noise present in the background like when you play a record.

– Filmography of Peter Weir
– Trailers

The cars that ate Paris is the third movie by Peter Weir and although 30 years old, it still remains a classic (although less known) and shows Weir – who later on directed Dead Poet’s Society and Master&Commander along with a whole slew of other blockbusters – has talent. With a simple idea and a rather unknown cast, he manages to create a decent movie that keeps you interested until the end. I doubt everyone will now rush to the shop to buy this dvd, but if you’re looking for a thriller for a Saturday night, you might want to check this one out, eventhough it’s already 30 years old…

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