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Casino Royale 2-disc CE

After completing a difficult mission successfully, young James Bond finally gets his “00” status from M, head of the British MI6. Thanks to Bond stopping the destruction of a prototype airplane, banker Le Chiffre loses a lot of money and decides to set up a poker game in order to win back what he has lost. Le Chiffre is known as a banker for terrorists and since he’s got tons of connections, every secret service on the planet would like to have him and with him having lost his clients’ money he’s in a particularly difficult position. MI6 sends Bond to the poker game in a move to make sure he doesn’t get the money back but of course there’s more going on than a simple poker game.

Sound and Vision:
There are some very minor compression errors present but overall the image quality is pretty good. Luckily there’s no edge enhancement and stuff like grain isn’t present either.

The sound is very dynamic with lots of use of the surround channels in split-surround and also the explosions are very well done with good support from the subwoofer. Impressive!

– Becoming Bond: 26-minute feature where we get to see how Daniel Craig was chosen as the new Bond.
– James Bond: For Real: feature on the action scenes and stunts of the movie
– Bond Girls Are Forever: 48 minute documentary that gives a good look at what happened to all the Bond girls we’ve seen in the last 45 years
– Chris Cornell Music Video – You know my name

Daniel Craig is the new Bond and we’ll have known it. Bye bye with the Dandy-figure that was packed with comedy and hello to the grimm action hero. Most people find Sean Connery to still be the best Bond ever and it’s clear where Craig inspired himself. Craig brings Bond back to the present day with a sense of serious added with a flair of Connery. Casino Royale is based on Fleming’s very first James Bond book and is the perfect start for Craig who sets a new example of how a modern day James Bond has to be. Unlike the 1967 Casino Royale, this one isn’t a comedy but an action-filled thriller that can compete with the best Bond movies ever made and Craig manages to make us forget Pierce Brosnan in a second. Bond is back and better than ever! Even Sean Connery will have to watch out in my opinion as Craig does such an excellent job that he might even surpass the father of all Bond’s if he continues like this in future Bond movies.

Sony delivers Casino Royale with a couple of nice extras and decent image quality. The sound is excellent but I wonder why a DTS track wasn’t added.

Our Score:

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