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Casino Special Edition

Sam “Ace” Rothstein (DeNiro) is a gambler who always has everything under control. When he gets asked to run the Tangiers, the biggest casino in Las Vegas, he hires his friend Nicky (Pesci) as his bodyguard who takes care of any problem that occurs. Sam and Nicky are a great duo and things go extremely well for both themselves as well as the casino and the maffia. However, when Sam meets Ginger (Sharon Stone) and falls in love with her, things go very bad, very quickly…

Sound and Vision:
Well, Universal has done it again. While the previous version wasn’t really all too great when it comes to image quality, this special edition brings Casino to you in the original 2.35:1 movie ratio with excellent contrast, sharp detail and no problems what so ever.

A similar thing can be said about the soundtrack, dialogues are crip clear at all times while surround speakers and subwoofer get a decent portion of the action.

Disc 1:
– Audio commentary track “Moments with Martin Scorsese” where also Sharon Stone and several of the cast & crew get to say their thing

Disc 2:
– Deleted Scenes
– The Story: 8 minute movie in which Scorsese and scenario writer Pileggi pursuade the real Ace Rohtstein to give his cooperation to the movie
– The Cast And The Characters: 20 minutes where all the cast give their own story on the movie
– The Look: 17 minutes of info on the production design, costumes & cinematography
– After Filming: More info on the montage, music choice as well as the oscar nomination for Sharon Stone
– Vegas And The Mob: NBC News feature on how organised crime created Las Vegas
– History Alive: 40 minute documentary from The History Channel where Nicholas Pileggi rehashes the movie’s storyline again.

After Mean Streets and Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese wanted to create one last maffia movie to finish his “trilogy” and that movie was Casino. While Mean Streets and Goodfellas were pretty straight forward, Casino needs you to keep your eye on the ball and stay focused. If not, you’ll probably loose interest as the movie tends to move forward in a slow and subtle way. However, if you do that, you’ll see a sublime movie that should have gotten Scorsese the Oscar he deserves but unfortunately still hasn’t gotten (I think they’ll probably get him a lifetime achievement award in a couple of years to make up for the mistakes the Academy Awards have made by not having given him an Oscar yet).

Universal finally pays tribute to this movie with this Special Edition that gets what it deserves: beautiful image quality, a great 5.1 track and a ton of interesting extras. The only question remaining is why in hell Universal didn’t decide to release this dvd with a DTS track.

Our Score:

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