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Preview: Dishonored


Dishonored is a game that’s difficult to put in a nicely defined genre cubicle. Officially it’s a “first person action game”, but it also has some RPG elements, a sniff of adventure, and also stealth appears to play a not to be underestimated role. As of October 12th you can check it out on PC, […]


2011: The Year in Review


January: The year 2011 starts off quite badly for quite a number of people in game development. Activision confirms the closure of James Bond: Blood Stone dev Bizarre Creations after failing to sell off the studio to another company, Disney shuts down Propaganda Games, devs of TRON: Evolution, and further downsizing at Disney hits Epic […]


Cynic Gamer: E3 2011 dissected


E3 has come and gone and it seems my articles from the last two years have not been read. Again we see a lack of innovation and a buttload of sequels. E3 for sure isn’t what it used to be anymore. Microsoft were the first to kick off E3 with their press conference. Surprise, surprise, […]


Cynic Gamer: Hail to the King, Baby!


After 14 years of development, Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived and it’s a total bust. According to the review scores, that is. At the time of writing, 12 critics have put up their score on Xbox 360, resulting in an average metacritic score of 50%. Wow, that’s like… awful! If you look at the […]


Cynic Gamer: Stop the nagging about pre-owned games!


After years of nagging on piracy, game companies are currently aiming their crosshairs at second hand game sales. “It’s bad and should be banned! It’s costing us money!” is what we’ve been hearing lately. The latest testimony of such a crooked vision is Lionhead’s Fable 3 lead combat designer Mike West who even stated used […]


Thibaut's Think Tank: Score inflation and why we critics are to blame


Hi everyone! In this new regular feature, I’ll try to tackle one of the more touchy subjects in the world of gaming. I honestly hope it can interest you and that it may lead to lively yet mature discussions. If you have remarks or suggestions, feel free to e-mail them to or respond in […]


The 10: The Games of 2010


Goodbye 2010, welcome 2011! 2010 was a year in which we got to welcome quite a lot of new technology but that remained in the sign of well-known values, with great sequels of games. While Move and Kinect tried to overthrow the Wii as king of the casual games, gamers were mostly impressed with epic […]


Cynic Gamer: E3 2010 Dissected


About a week ago, I wrote down my expectations and predictions for this E3 and although I was hoping for a lot, as you can guess I didn’t expect much new. After all, this column is called “Cynic Gamer” for a reason. To my own surprise, things turned out more like I stated than I […]


Cynic Gamer: They are screwing us over


I started writing the rant below to accuse publishers from blaming piracy for the downturn in PC Gaming while in fact they’re killing PC gaming themselves, but I ended up with quite a lot more. Just read on and find out how game companies are are screwing us over. Some time ago, Ubisoft announced they […]


The Ten: Mens' Favorite Female Characters


In the beginning, videogames were typically a men thing, one where the leading roles were given to tough heroes while women were only present for two things: getting saved or being as nude as possible for the eye of pubering teenagers. Still, female characters are working their way up strongly the last couple of years […]


Cynic Gamer: 2009 was a Bad Year for Gaming


The end of the year is near and as always we’re getting flooded with lists that are supposed to show just how great the last twelve months have been when it comes to gaming. “Great”? If anything, 2009 was a boring year with hardly any game worth getting a score of over 90! I can […]


Cynic Gamer: Pirates at Bay

April this year, the three former admins of The Pirate Bay, a known and very popular torrent site, got sentenced by the Swedish court to one year in jail and a fine of 2.7 million euros as compensation for “facilitating breach of copyright”. The fact that the judge was up to his neck into anti-piracy […]


Cynic Gamer: E3 2009

E3 has come and gone and with all the dust finally settling in, it’s time to get a recap of all the bollocks we got to see and hear. Microsoft: The biggest news from Mickeysoft this year was without a doubt Natal. Indeed, three years after Nintendo has revamped its Gamecube with motion control and […]


Retro: Nintendo Entertainment System


Fragland exists already more than a decade and you can see that by the editors. Some of us were silent witnesses of games on cassettes and also the videogames crash of 1984. Luckily this recreated the market to the succesful and booming industry we know today and we get to regularly bring out fond memories, […]


Epic fails: Consoles

Sun is shining, birdies whistle and those damned bloodsucking mosquitos are back in town, not to mention the huge piles of paper many students have to work their way through. And as if the fact that the exam-period falls right into one of the most beautiful times of the year (at least for the people […]


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