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Soul Calibur IV

A strange things, Soul Calibur IV. On one side you get rock hard action, hardcore gameplay in one of the most serious genres, added wiht niche-defining weapons, and on the other side you get treated with everything testosteron-confused geeks get off on: big boobs, a whirling Yoda and graphics that make your HD TV seems […]


Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

The competition between fight games is harsh. It’s not easy to compete against titles like Tekken, Soul Caliber and Street Fighter. Dragon Ball, the incredibly popular anime series, has already got some fight games on its name and Atari is known for the great Dragon Ball games they deliver. Will this game deliver sufficient innovation? […]


Time Crisis 4

Light-gun games still give me some nostalgic feelings. They remind of dark arcades, old Nintendo consoles and ducks. Namco, however, wants to keep the genre relevant and therefore released Time Crisis 4 for the Playstation3. They too don’t really know what to do with this archaeic type of games, though, and this is made clear […]


Beautiful Katamari

It looks completely wacko, has lots of happy colours and is all about a sticky ball… That has to be a Katamari game. With Beautiful Katamari, the series leaves the Sony platforms for the first time. First a bit of history for those who have never heard of Katamari. In 2004, Namco released Katamari Damacy […]


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Sometimes with the announcement of a game you get the feeling there might be something good coming. That’s how I thought when I heard about Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, a cross-over of two extremely popular series. It also seemed the perfect opportunity for Koei to drag Dynasty Warriors out of the mud after an endless series […]


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3


Dragon Ball Z is one of the few series who could keep me away from the computer when I was a kid. I could really enjoy those immensely violent cartoons, even though I didn’t understand a word they said because it was all in French. What I did understand was who were the good and […]


Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation nicely managed to create its own niche on the market. Where previously just about every pc gamer had his joystick standing next to his keyboard to play some titles like Strike Commander, Wing Commander of let’s say Flight Simulator, wannabe-pilots now have to be satisfied with this series. But […]


Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata is a Junior RPG about Chopin, the famous 19th century Frensh pianist and composer. This game is one of the first in its kind and tries to combine learning with playing, but in an all new fashion compared to standard edu-games… No more boring talks of “click the correct answer”. Here the entire […]


Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2


The amount of Naruto games has lately received a gigantic boost. I don’t know exactly how many games have been released this year but I doubt you can count them on two hands. The start of the American version of the popular Japanese anima may have something to do with that. Anyway, I received Naruto […]


RACE 07: The Official WTCC Game

Everyone has a dream. Some people dream about becoming a race pilot. They think about how immensly thrilling it must be to overtake their biggest rival in the last turn of the last race and win the championship. Unfortunately not everyone is called Kimi and not everyone can be a race pilot. Enter SimBin, the […]


Ridge Racer 7

With every console launch, Namco delivers a new entry in their (too) long-running Ridge Racer series. And save for the two PSP games, all of the latest RR titles have been rubbish. Clearly, for Ridge Racer 7 (available only on PlayStation 3), Namco had some work to do… For the few people who haven’t got […]


Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

This is a game for people that can’t get enough of that good ol’ Dragonball Z spirit. Tenkaichi 2 was already released on other consoles but this time you’ll get a whole new control experience, new characters and new environments to fight in. The controls are totally rearranged for the Wii, and it works too. […]


Ridge Racer 2

This is one of those titles that wants to be there whenever a new console gets released and just now when the PSP is going downhill in the eyes of many people, there’s this golden oldie again to show that… Hey, wait a minute. This game does look an awful lot like its predecessor. Let’s […]


Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

After the success of the Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War games, it’s back to fantasy again with the normal Warhammer universe to see a new real-time strategy game (RTS) based on a Games Workshop IP. Mark of Chaos is a non-basebuilding RTS though, meaning you have much more focus on your troops. Developer Black Hole […]


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

It took them a while, but with Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, Namco has finally brought the beloved franchise to a handheld console, more specifically Sony’s PSP. This move wasn’t too surprising, but it’s a welcome one nonetheless. Just like its home console ancestors, ACX delivers a great experience for fans and newcomers alike. […]


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