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Ridge Racer DS

Racing on the Nintendo DS was only possible with Need for Speed Underground 2 DS from EA, until Namco showed up with Ridge Racer DS. In Japan and the US, this game was a launch title and thus I wonder why it got held back so much in Europe. Let’s say that we’re used to […]



Pac-Man has a lot of games on his name, on about any possibly platform. With this Pac-Pix for the DS, our three quarter cheeseball goes a whole other way. No more running after yellow pills, this game is all about the killing of all monsters within a certain time limit. Is this new formula as […]


Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean


Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is the newest RPG for the Gamecube I could get my hands on. Although the genre-lovers aren’t being overwhelmed by a huge offer on this console, they did get titles like Paper Mario 2 and Tales of Symphonia. Monolith Software, known from the Xenosaga series on PS2, […]


Tekken 5

Years ago I bought my first Playstation (later on dubbed PSOne). While most people buy a console for a number of reasons, I had only one: Tekken 3. If it hadn’t been for this game, I probably never would have bothered buying a console. Now we’re years later, the Playstation2 is running at the end […]


Street Racing Syndicate

Tuning is in, and the game developers have noticed it. After great games in the Need for Speed Underground series by EA, now also Namco wants to make a gamble in the world of pimp mobiles and neon lamps with SRS Street Racing Syndicate. Did they manage to kick NFSU from the throne or do […]


Death by Degrees

Wiggle your toes, wiggle your toes… Oh damn, wrong intro. Hmm, at least something from Kill Bill 2 stayed in my memory apparently. Anyway, in Death by Degrees, “wiggle your tits” seems like a more appropriate catchphrase, because that’s what the game is all about. Gameplay? Not even by a long shot! As you might […]


Ace Combat 5: Squadron Leader

God, I love Top Gun. I’ve probably seen the film 10 times already, but everytime it’s on tv, I can’t withstand the urge to watch. The combination of Kelly McGillis’ slick looks, Tom Cruise’s flair, Val Kilmer’s coolness and the utter beauty of the F-14 Tomcat works on me every time. Maybe Ace Combat 5 […]


Tales Of Symphonia

Console RPGs seldomly come with something truly innovative or surprising. Just get one male teenager with blonde, pointy hair, an oversized sword and a female side-kick to help him during difficult times. Big, shiny eyes, loads of magic and a story about the end of the world usually do the trick. Tales of Symphonia does […]


Crisis Zone

I first bought my light-gun shaped like a Walther PPK (that’s right 007’s loyal pistol) in the Makro. It was a very cheap package: the gun (which can be used as Gun-con 2 or Gun-con 45) and the PSOne title Time Crisis: Project Titan for only €22,99 so I was afraid there would be a […]


.hack Mutation

I actually liked the first Hack. Because of the original and interesting story you almost forgot that the game was a standard RPG. Could the second part in this trilogy compete with the other RPG’s or does it lack new ideas? Hack is a perfect example of a typical RPG for the hardcore fans. While […]


Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2

The Xbox’s got Top Spin, the GameCube will soon get a new version of the N64-classic Mario Tennis, but as for tennis games on Sony’s PlayStation 2, all was quiet on the western front. Luckily Namco realized this and they released Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2. Will this game be a benchmark for games […]


.hack Infection

.Hack Infection sure has potential enough to compete against Final Fantasy, yet it doesn’t beat the master of Role Playing Games. .Hack is just the ideal game for the hardcore RPG lover. Don’t play it if you have already fallen in love with the emotions of Final Fantasy. Despite of the original story, it feels […]


R: Racing

Ridge Racer used to be a rather succesful arcade racer on the Playstation 1 but when Ridge Racer 5 became an utter failure on Playstation 2, Namco kinda dropped the series. They had a new idea: “If arcade-racing doesn’t sell anymore, we’ll make a realistic racing game!” and thus R: Racing was born. However, with […]



Do you like loads of action, big shoot-outs and more weaponry than the terrorists can handle? Then put on your army suit and get ready for Kill.switch. Do you prefer balanced gameplay and an interesting story, then you might as well forget this game. The best aspects of the game concerns the shoot-outs, and this […]


Soul Calibur 2

Soul Calibur was a revolution on the Dreamcast when it was released so you can imagine the expectations being very high when a successor was announced. Now, on all three major console platforms, Soul Calibur 2 has been released. Let’s see if the game lives up to the hype. Let’s first start with the beginning, […]


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