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SpongeBob and Friends: Unite!

What is SQaF:U’s most important asset? Obviously, all its characters who are all officially licensed cartoon-heroes. Okay but is that a good thing? No, because if history has learned us one thing, it’s that such games are often crappy side-products with little or no entertainment value. Of course, there are exceptions but when you come […]


Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

When I was a little boy, I had the right game. The only game I had ever owned but it became better with every play and it became more intense day by day. The protagonist became a hero all by itself, not an infallible one as is proven, but those years he was the man. […]


WH40k: DoW – Winter Assault

Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War, it remains a mouthfull to say but we don’t mind. This RTS from a year ago could impress many gamers, me included. Beautiful animations, astonishing graphics and the nice squad gameplay brought a refreshment to the genre. Dawn of War (DoW) also contained a coolness factor that we only knew […]


Spongebob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants!

Since the arrival of Mario Party, already a couple of years ago, we’re practically drowning in funny and stupid mini games. Party games we call it. These games are mostly played when there’s a significant absence of talkative people or the only one who’s talking is an old fart. What’s funnier than killing your neighbour […]


Full Spectrum Warrior

Full Spectrum Warrior is a game based on software used to train the military in the basics of MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). That you don’t just pick up a gun and start shooting becomes clear even in the tutorial. Take about an hour already for that as everything gets explained in detail, in […]


WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw

Dumb, full of doping, small schlong, acting talent equal to Pam’s in VIP, and wrestling moves that show their sexual preferences in a blink: those are all features of the numerous wrestlers you’ll encounter in WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw. The mediocre straight guy who doesn’t like wrestling won’t bother. And guess what: I love to […]


Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War

Imagine a war-torn landscape where even a cockraoch won’t last long. Place herein four futuristic races, armed to the teeth, which can’t stand a glimpse of each other. Put the meanest and biggest guns ever in their hands and realise at the same time that they could all use a long stay in a madhouse. […]


MX Unleashed

I think it is wrong to compare two games with each other, at least in a way that you pick an issue and say which one scores best. Each game has some unique characteristics and charm and that is the reason why I made a completely separate review for MX Unleashed, the second motor-cross game […]


MotoGP 2: Ultimate Racing Technology

Speed and bikes that’s what men all over the world want (and I’m not talking about myself now ;p). MotoGP was one of the PS2’s launch games and now Namco is bringing us already a sequel to one of the best bike racing games on consoles to date. One of the downpoints of MotoGP was […]


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