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Batman: Arkham Asylum


The most remarkable fact of Batman: Arkham Asylum is how the makers succeeded to perfectly translate that unattainable, complex and ever-evolving Batman atmosphere to the game. Both the recent fans of the last two movies as old-skool lovers of The joker and the sorts will be able to find themselves happy with the looks of […]


LEGO Battles

LEGO, the invention of Danish toy manufacturor Ole Kirk Christiansen, is still one of the most popular things with kids and even adults. Next to the blocks themselves LEGO also has had quite some success already with adaptations of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and in the future even Harry Potter and Rock Band. In LEGO […]


Terminator Salvation

“I’ll be back”. That’s how far my knowledge on The Terminator goes. Because games based on movies have a bad reputation I won’t watch The Terminator before playing Salvation. Just to make sure the expectations aren’t too high. Just barging in seems appropriate: those that like a good story in a game will be disappointed. […]


Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Once I was clueless and pathetic, just like you. Sitting in front of my TV playing videogames, getting fat. I was a loser. With this intro Wanted: Weapons of Fate sets the tone for what’s waiting for you. An adrenaline-pumping shooter with a small dose of comedy and a stereotypical nerd as assassin. Too bad […]


F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

That Monolith know how to make a shooter or to create a horror atmosphere isn’t in doubt for a long time anymore. The first F.E.A.R. as well as Condemned have proven their capabilities but the question remains how good they are at innovating their own games? Condemned 2 was a lot less memorable than its […]


Lego Batman

Most games aimed towards children are either hastily put together, childish or just plain stupid. With the LEGO series though, you could almost smell the quality and time they put into the games. Even if you didn’t really like the gameplay or the approach, you would still have to conclude that this wasn’t some quick […]


300: March To Glory

300 was a school example of the “more action, more spectacle, less story”-trend that currently runs through Hollywood. Nobody looked up for a CGI effect or liter blood more or less in this epos about 300 heroic Spartans that – if they want to save Greec society – have to stand ground against the millions […]


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