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Clark Stevens is a med student who can start an internship at Cunningham Hall, an institute for mentally unstable people. He quickly gets to know the staff and gets along pretty good with Sara, a young woman who did her internship in Cunningham Hall the year before and got a fulltime job there now. While […]


Butterfly Effect Director's Cut, The

All his life, Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) has had blackouts whenever a traumatic experience happened. Whenever he asks what happened, his friends don’t want to tell him about it. His mother tells him to keep a diary as that may help against the blackouts but although he follows her request carefully, it doesn’t really help. […]


Dead End

Frank Harrington (Wise) and his family (wife Laura, son Richard, daughter Marion and boyfriend Brad) are on their way to visit Frank’s mother-in-law on Christmas Eve. Since it’s late and dark, Frank decides to take a shortcut for the first time in 20 years so that he would need to concentrate more on the road […]


Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore is back with another documentary on American society and this time his only goal is to make sure George W. Bush doesn’t get re-elected. Moore analyses how Bush got elected, the accomplishments of the Bush administration up until 9/11 and the reactions after the attack. In the second part of the movie, we […]


Ugly, The

Simon Cartwright (Rotondo) is a convicted serial killer who is put in a mental institution. When he requests a re-evaluation, he requests psychiatric Dr. Karen Shoemaker (Hobbs) to examine him. When Karen arrives, she immediately finds out that the employees are quite hostile against her and that she doesn’t really need to expect much collaboration […]


Jason X

Jason is inprisoned and about to get put in hybernation when a bunch of military come into the Crystal Lake Research Facility and want to take him to another lab to research his regenerative abilities. Jason wouldn’t be Jason though, when he didn’t take this opportunity to free himself and kill everyone. Everyone except Rowan […]


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