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Insider, The

Jeff Wigand (Crowe), former head of research of a tobacco company, sends a bunch of documents which proove that the tobacco industry is aware of the dangers of their product to Lowell Bergman (Pacino), producer of the news show “60 minutes”. When Wigand’s former bossess notice the contact between Wigand and Bergman, they try to […]


13th Warrior, The

Antonio Banderas plays a banned Arab diplomat (he had something with the farao’s wife) who encounters a bunch of vikings and starts to hang out with them. After a while he understands their language and while they didn’t like him in the beginning, understanding their language seems to be the key to having fun with […]


Beautyful Mind, A

A beautiful Mind, winner of 4 oscars, tells the true story of the life of the brilliant mathematician John Nash from his youth in Princeton where he gets confronted with his nerdy appearance and the problem of not having published any of his research to the time he gets the Nobel price for Economy. It’s […]


Godfather Trilogy, The


The Godfather Trilogy contains all three movies based on the books of Mario Puzo and describes the rise and downfall of the Corleone family who migrated from Sicily to the United States to become one of the most powerful crime families in the world. All three movies which are directed by Francis Ford Coppola contain […]




In Face/Off, Nicholas Cage and John Travolta are each others opposites. Travolta is FBI agent Sean Archer who lives a pretty standard happy life with his wife and daughter while Cage plays the psychopatic terrorist Castor Troy who is being chased by Archer. When Travolta catches Troy but finds out that Castor has hidden an […]


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