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Drakengard 2

Eighteen Years after Caim and his little pet could give a gigantic but mostly boring barbecue in a medieval fantasy world it is up to Nowe and his dragonish friend Legna to create their own Burning Man festival. As the newest member of the Knights of the Seal, he must protect the lands from all […]


World Series of Poker

Poker… what can a man say about a cardgame, and then even a game that is known to most people for getting the other sex to undress every so often. Still there’s a lot more to say about Poker when it comes to computer games. Next to the often dubious “free” strip poker online sites, […]


Makai Kingdom


Makai Kingdom. When I saw the title, I didn’t know what to expect. Hoping on a simple and fun platform adventure game in which you save a princess and some fairy country from death –slash- doom, I prepared myself for a few hours of harmless entertainment. But to my great astonishment – which later turned […]



It was dark and very quiet. The objective was at the other end of the square and everyone could see it was being heavily guarded. There were searchlights in the watchtowers and numerous guards patrolling the area. The agent took off his goggles and had a grim expression on his face. This would not be […]



From legendary game creator Yoshiki Okamoto (who gave us Onimusha, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil) comes a tale of brutal violence and beautiful legend set against the historical backdrop of the Samurai genesis… With this sentence, the promo talk on the back of Genji’s cover starts and for once it does not lie. Although […]


Shadow of the Colossus

Finally. Finally, us Europeans get to play the spiritual heir to ICO, the legendary classic that focused on the epic, against-all-odds escape of two young and vulnerable characters. The warmth and love of the two leads left nobody emotionally indifferent and the incredible art design awed everyone. The only catch was that no-one really bought […]


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

If you’ve got a PC and are looking for a Battlefield-experience on your favorite console, this being the PS2, then Battlefield 2: Modern Combat seems the logical choice. Don’t be mistaken though, as both games have a lot of differences and on top of that, the console version doesn’t come close to Battlefield 2 that […]


SpongeBob and Friends: Unite!

What is SQaF:U’s most important asset? Obviously, all its characters who are all officially licensed cartoon-heroes. Okay but is that a good thing? No, because if history has learned us one thing, it’s that such games are often crappy side-products with little or no entertainment value. Of course, there are exceptions but when you come […]


Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

When I was a little boy, I had the right game. The only game I had ever owned but it became better with every play and it became more intense day by day. The protagonist became a hero all by itself, not an infallible one as is proven, but those years he was the man. […]


Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Ever since the Prince of Persia made its triumphant return back in 2003, UbiSoft has been rejoicing us with annual sequels of its popular franchise. While Warrior Within brought forth some important innovations (free form fighting, a darker setting, time travelling), it didn’t quite impress me like Sands of Time had done with its incredible […]


Crazy Frog Racer

What you are about the read is a listing of irritations in my semi-adult life. This list is carefully selected. It gives you a view on a tired and not functioning game reviewer. That doesn’t mean these playful attempts for creating humour aren’t meant for the lesser part of society. Off course not, even you […]


Urban Reign

I’ve been waiting for years now for the reincarnation of very old but great games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage. In those old-fashioned games, you were supposed to run from left to right, while kicking some enemies out of the screen. Nothing special, you would think, yet the feeling of power was immense. […]


Torino 2006

That some titles live of their name alone is something we’ve known for quite some time already. That there’s games with little more content than their name is even for me, a guy that has a fetish for crap, quite surprising. And you can take that even literally: the cd is only filled for 535MB. […]


Peter Jackson's King Kong

When I first started writing this review, it dealt with difficult subjects such as Monkey shit. After a while I began to realise, this wasn’t going to work. Nobody gives a flying fuck about anymore about monkey shit. Luckily, the shit of monkeys isn’t really a reference for this game. On the contrary, King Kong […]


Shrek SuperSlam

I’ll admit, despite my rather advanced age I’m still a sucker for the better animated movie. Next to some of the well known Disney Classics I also own Dreamworks’ flagship movies Shrek and Shrek 2. And I didn’t buy them for the kids alone, I truly enjoy watching them myself. The humour and advanced technology […]


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