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Why do you think that Catwoman scored so bad because I consider it to be a fabulous game as you can read in my review? Did you feel as if some if the comments where unfounded complaints?

SH – I cannot comment on why reviewers have made negative comments about the product. I am glad that you enjoyed the game and believe that potential customers will make their own mind up about the product.

What I do not understand is why the camera is such a pain in the arse, you must have realised that yourself. Was the deadline so important that you ran out of time to solve this problem just a little bit? I am trotting on this, but it just surprises and disappoints me that this happened, the game would have been perfect if the camera cooperated some more. So, please tell me why so I that this doesn’t keep me up at night any more 🙂

SH – The camera is designed to continually provide the player with a hint of where they should be headed in the game, or to provide the best overview of the combat situations. This doesn’t always match with the player’s belief of where the camera should be looking which has caused some frustration for certain users.

Did the development of the graphical side, which is definitely one of the best I’ve seen on a PS2, consume a lot of time in the total progress?

SH – The graphical look of a title is down to two key elements. The first is the vision of the art director and the second is the implementation team. With Catwoman, right from the very beginning of the project, our Art Director had a clear and very distinctive vision on how he wanted the game to look. We also had a great implementation team who where able to work in tandem with him to execute on that vision. This is something which happens throughout the development of a project, so I wouldn’t have said that this took any longer or was more intensive than other projects I have worked on, the vision for the end result was just different.

Is there a possibility that the game will be released in a cheaper package including the DVD and perhaps a small Catwoman doll and comic too?

SH – Unfortunately we cannot comment on this

What was the most expensive part in the creating process: licenses, the coding part or something else?

SH – I am afraid I cannot divulge this sort of information.

How long did it take, from the negotiations until the discs where shipped, to develop the game?

SH – The actual timeline from the start of the process to the end was quite short compared to what is seen as the industry average. However, in order to ensure that we were still able to deliver a product of the quality that the end user will expect, we increased our team size accordingly. At the end of the day, the consumer doesn’t look at a title and say “well, they had less time to develop it than other games”, they just look at the quality. Development timescales are irrelevant to them.

The idea of a sequel appealed to me, as then you could solve some of the issue’s and create more levels because, although it did not disturb me, a lot of people found the couple of scenes were to little value for money. Since, the graphical part is already sublime and the know-how and experience are present that might be relatively cheap to pull of. So, do you think that it is a good and realistic project to set up or is this planned already?

SH – Whether we proceed with a sequel will depend a great deal on where Warner Brothers take the movie franchise.

Did providing the game with Surround require a lot of extra work? If it did, on what basis was decided that stereo wasn’t sufficient, the audience you hoped to reach perhaps?

SH – Adding surround sound to the title didn’t seem like a lot of work since it is the minimum standard for games developed within Electronic Arts. This is part of our goal to ensure that the consumer knows when they buy an EA Games product, they can expect a specific level of quality.

To conclude, are there any more third person action games which are related to movies scheduled or being discussed?

SH – I am afraid I cannot talk about any potential movie licenses. You will need to watch for our press releases.

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