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Halle Berry is Patience Philips, an advertising designer who works for Hedare Cosmetics who are on the eve of the launch of Beau-Line, a new product that’s supposed to create a revolution in women cosmetics.

One night she works late to finish a design and when she wants to bring it to her boss, she accidentally hears a conversation between the scientist that created Beau-Line and a couple of other people. Apparantly, Beau-Line is addictive and toxic in such a way that if someone would stop using it, that person’s face would decay. Unfortunately for Patience, she gets caught and after a short pursuit through the drains, she gets killed. However, a cat with mythical powers brings her back to life and although she doesn’t realise it immediately, she has also received cat-like special powers. When she starts to remember what happened, she heads off to seek justice for what has been done to her and stop the launch of Beau-Line.

Sound and Vision:
We’re used to getting good quality from Warner and certainly for their major titles. Again they don’t disappoint. The 2.40:1 image has good contrast, lots of detail, and is very sharp. The colors have been altered a bit to give a more special look but this was intentionally done and doesn’t disturb at all. What does disturb is the fact that the cgi looks overdone and hardly realistic but that can’t be blamed on a bad transfer of course. Overall, the image is good but not perfect though as some minor compression errors can be seen at times

The 5.1 soundtrack is good with lots of spreading and good use of both the surround channels and the subwoofer. The music and special effects are nicely supported by a good portion of bass while the dialogues remain at all times clear and understandable. Still, this track clearly shows that some more aggressive use would be preferred and I wonder why an English DTS track wasn’t used as that probably would have given the track some more punch which it sometimes lack now.

– The Many Faces of Catwoman: a feature of about half an hour where actresses that have played Catwoman along with comic book lovers talk about the Catwoman character
– Behind-the-scenes : short promotional making of
– Additional scenes : some deleted scenes with additional footage. No accompanying commentary though.
– Theatrical trailer + dvd rom features

On the technical side of things as well as the extras, we can say Warner did a reasonably good job. But now for the movie, things are quite different.

First of all, forget everything you know about the catwoman character from the Batman comics and movies. This movie has absolutely nothing to do with the catwoman we know from those other movies and the Batman comics. From the way Catwoman came to life to the way she’s being portrayed here, there are no similarities what so ever. Catwoman should be a sensual character but when we say that Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman was erotic, Halle Berry’s interpretation would be more like pure blunt porn.

This movie was not well received by the press and the public and now that I’ve seen the dvd I can explain why: there’s no erotic or sensual atmosphere, the action and cgi are completely overdone, the script contains holes as big as a whale and even director didn’t even manage to keep the consistency of scenes together (catwoman being on one side of the wall one moment and on the other side the next). Setting your brain to zero isn’t enough for this movie, you’ll have to be able to turn it negative if you want to really enjoy this film. I would recommend buying this dvd only if you would see yourself as the world’s biggest fan of either Halle Berry or Sharon Stone.

Our Score:

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