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Cave, The

When a huge cave is discovered deep inside Rumanian territory, a team of cave divers and scientists are sent in to inspect it. Jake and Tyler are known as being the best in their business but when they and their team arrive, it quickly becomes clear that they aren’t the first humans to have explored the cave. Pieces of clothing and shoes are found but the owners are nowhere to be seen. As the group progresses into the cave, they start seeing strange animals that they’ve never seen before and before long, they realise that getting trapped inside isn’t the only thing they need to worry about: there are creatures present that are in for some human flesh…

Sound and Vision:
There’s little negative to say about the image and sound. Everything is clear except for the action scenes where the director switches point of view between the main cast and the “monster” and then things really look irritating as the viewer tends to be distracted and doesn’t really know where to watch.

The sound is good with nice spreading of the effects and crystal clear dialogues.

– Audio commentary track by director Bruce Hunt, producer Andrew Mason and special effects producer James McQuaide
– Audio commentary track by writers Michael Steinberg and Tegan West
– Into the Cave: feature where two members of the cast talk about the dangers of cave diving. Really boring
– Designing Evolution: Tatopoulos Studios: feature that highly promotes the work of Tatopoulos Studios. Although there’s some interesting info about the creation of the monsters, it does feel a bit too much like a commercial

The Cave is an action horror flic that does what action horror flics do without innovating at any point. Take a group of people, put them in a cave with no obvious way out, add some monsters and let them be slashed one by one. In most horror movies you would get to see some originality in the way people gets killed, but even that isn’t present and the whole time you’re wondering when you’re supposed to get goosebumps. Personally, I really didn’t like this movie as there’s no originality, it’s very predictable, and at no time was I compelled to keep viewing for any reason other than that I had to write this review.

The extras are as boring as the movie (if not worse) and the only positive thing we could find was the image & sound quality

Our Score:

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