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Cell 2, The

A serial killer who goes by the nickname of The Cusp and prefers to kill his victims and bring them back to life until they beg for their death is on the loose! Psychic FBI agent Maya Casteneda – who was once a victim of The Cusp but managed to escape – is on his tail but when he manages to get away after killing his latest victim because he felt her presence she decides to give up and leave the Bureau.

One year later the Cusp returns and the FBI turns again to Maya as they believe she’s the only one capable of capturing the killer. She reluctantly gets on board and they head off to the little town where the Cusp is doing his thing. Once there they meet up with the local sheriff who’s niece is missing and expected to be the Cusp’s latest captive. With time running out Maya will have to use her power of being able to reach inside the killer’s mind at maximum if she wants to prevent further deaths…

Sound and Vision:
What’s up with this DVD? The black looks blue and red tones tend to lean towards pink. I guess this is probably due to the fact that the contrast is pumped up completely in order to deliver some more detail but the difference between various scenes is just plain awful. At times you’ll think you’re watching some homemade movie, then you switch to some 80s like scenery that’s supposed to resemble the inner thoughts of the killer and his victims, to finally end up in some Alien-like world. And each time the image quality differs.

Little can be said about the sound. You can hear it but don’t expect much else.

– The Cell 2: Behind the Screens

The original “The Cell” movie featured Jennifer Lopez but although I did see it, I don’t recall much other than that it wasn’t anything memorable. Which actually prooves my point.

The Cell 2 does a better job at that! It will certainly remain in my memories as one of the worst movies I’ve seen ever! And the fact that the bad guy goes with a stupid nickname like “The Cusp” should have warned me in advance. Who comes up with stuff like that? The plot is plain ridiculous, there’s no real link with the original movie, the characters are as dumb as can be, the acting is plain awful on all accounts, the visual effects seem to come from 20 years ago and the only mildly decent part in the entire movie is the inclusion of Frank Whaley in the cast but you’d do better to just check out his appearance in House M.D.

Really, there is absolutely no reason what so ever that could convince anyone to watch this utter piece of garbage. This is a disgrace to film makers all over the world and the fact that there were even four screen writers involved for the writing is just an insult. The guys that wrote this better start looking for another job as it’s clear they have absolutely no talent.

In this day and age it’s surprising to see a company like Warner daring to release junk like this. When it comes to “worst movies ever” this one is definitely in the Top10!

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