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Jessica Martin is a teacher at a local school and doesn’t lead any spectacular life until one morning a couple of men invade her house, shoot down her maid, and the kidnap her. They put her in an attic without telling her anything and after they’ve smashed the phone, they leave her there. She does somehow manage to get the phone back to work and by tapping some wires, she calls out… to Ryan, a young guy who just heard from his ex girlfriend (Biel) that he’s too superficial. At first, Ryan doesn’t believe Jessica’s story, but when he hears her kidnappers, he immediately understands the seriousness of the situation but as he doesn’t have a lot of time (when his battery runs dry and he looses connection, he can’t get it back) he’ll have to ditch his own plans and whatever he can to rescue Jessica and find out what exactly is going on…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor grain present, but for the rest the image quality is as it should be when a recent movie gets released on DVD. RCV really doesn’t let us down with this one. No compression errors, sharp image, lots of detail, … good stuff.

The soundtrack is equally good. Although the music is a bit loud compared to the rest of the action and the dialogues, it doesn’t interfere with the rest. The subwoofer is nicely supporting the music while the surround speakers are well-used for effects.

– Trailer
– Audio commentary by director David R. Ellis, Larry Cohen and Chris Morgan
– Deleted and altered scenes
– Three documentaries (Celling out, Dialing Up Cellular & Code of Silence: Inside the rampart Scandal) that cover most of the production and give you over one hour of viewing fun.

It’s good the last features are present as otherwise the extras would have been a bit meagre.

If there’s one thing you can say about Larry Cohen is that he’s got a thing for communication. Cellular is the second movie he writes where a phone is the central piece that brings everything together. After Phone Booth, we now get a mobile phone. Again, Cohen has written a compelling story that keeps viewers interested from the beginning to the end. William H. Macy (although only having a rather small role) does an excellent job and the same can be said about Kim Basinger. I’ve been a fan of her since the beginning and although she’s had some lesser movies, in Cellular she perfectly takes on her role.

With the technical aspects being great, the acting very good, and the storyline being very ok, there’s just no reason not to get this movie if you like a fun action movie from time to time. This one won’t let you down!

Our Score:

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