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Changing Lanes

Ben Affleck is Gavin Banek, a lawyer on the rise. One day he’s on road to court when his car collides with that of Doyle Gipson (Jackson), and ex-alcoholic who’s fighting to get his family back with him. Gavin is so pressed for time that he wants to get rid of the accident as soon as possible and therefor he leaves Doyle on the middle of the road and drives away. Doyle notices that Gavin has forgotten his documents, but doesn’t care about them as he’s more worried on how he has to get to court to defend his case to keep his family together. Both men arrive late at their appointments and while Gavin has time until the end of the day to present his documents, Doyle looses his case and sees his family being taken away from him. Gavin and Doyle now start playing a game of cat and mouse as Gavin wants his documents back and Doyle his family.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good with nice detail, bright colors, no grain or edge enhancement. Overall positive, but of course we’re used to nothing less from Paramount.

Same goes for the soundtrack which is very good with nice spreading of the channels and brief moments of subwoofer use (there aren’t too many special effects and you don’t need a subwoofer for dialogue).

The extras start off with the director’s commentary track, followed by the obligatory “Making Of”. Deleted and extended scenes are also present, much like the theatrical trailer. Last there’s a featurette called “A Writer’s perspective” which also is quite interesting. Nice extras

Changing Lanes was promoted as being a hectic thriller but to me was more a psychological thriller on how people can go beyond the edge of decency. The movie isn’t bad but rather slow and the moments of action are scarse and not really top notch. Personally, I found it to have not enough tention to be called a thriller but that’s of course me 🙂 The image and sound quality combined with the extras make this dvd definitely worth checking out

Our Score:

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