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Chaos SE

Inspector Quentin Conners has been suspended after a hostage situation went bad and two people – including the hostage – got killed. When a group of masked men try to rob a bank, the silent alarm gets triggered and they find themselves locked inside with several hostages. When the police arrives, the lead of the gang, a man who calls himself Lorenz, specifically asks for Conners to be the in-charge for the police. Conners gets reinstated but gets hooked up with rookie detective Shane Dekker who has to report every wrong step to Conners’ boss. When a huge explosion happens inside the bank, all the hostages manage to get out but when the police enters the building, it looks like all the gangsters managed to get out as well.

Together with Dekker, Conners now starts looking for the robbers but it seems like Lorenz manages to stay one step ahead of them every time. Before long, Dekkers starts to believe that someone inside the force is corrupt and hands Lorenz all the info he needs. However, when it becomes clear that nothing was stolen from the bank, the plot thickens. Why was there a robbery when nothing was stolen?

Sound and Vision:
Except for some aliasing, there’s nothing bad to be said about the image quality. The contrast and level of detail are perfect and also the shadow detail is good while compression errors are almost absent.

There are both a Dolby Digital and DTS track present and they’re very aggressive in their use of all the channels. At times even so that you might even start thinking that they’re being a bit oversteered. Still, it doesn’t spoil the fun and in the end you really get put in the middle of all the action and can truly enjoy what’s happening.

– Trailers
– Documentary: Brotherhood of Hate: 50 minute documentary from the “FBI Files”. When a cop stops a van he gets shot. After a wild chase, the van gets cornered and when the police search it they find a whole arsenal of weapons. It seems that the driver was already being watched concerning an anti-terrorism investigation.
– Documentary: Killer Instinct: Another “FBI Files” documentary where this time FBI investigators investigate a series of car jackings

Chaos is a pretty standard action movie that rises above average due to a very decent script by director and writer Tony Giglio. Again we see Ryan Philippe choosing a terrific movie to starr in although his performance doesn’t really differ from other characters he’s played before. Also Jason Staham and Wesley Snipes do a decent although not surprising job and together with the many plot twists and some comic relief this results in a fun movie that’s one of the better ones we’ve seen lately in this genre.

Dutch Filmworks doesn’t add any extra features that are related to the movie itself, but the two “FBI Files” documentaries are a nice addition and we welcome anything that doesn’t go with the flow of trailers, boring interviews, B-roll and an overly promotional Making Of. Good stuff!

Our Score:

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