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Charlie's Angels

A young software wizard is being threatened by a competitor and the three girls (Charlie’s Angels) are hired to protect him. However, when they start investigating the whole thing, all is not as it seems and they find themselves being tricked and things get extremely hot.

Sound and Vision:
Great image quality with absolutely no compression errors and bright and flashy colors while contrast is perfect (skin is very natural). Edge enhancement isn’t a problem, and grain isn’t either.

Same goes for the great soundtrack aswell which uses all surround channels to the max while dialogues still are clear and nicely positioned at the center speaker.

Director McG starts the extra’s off with a nice audio commentary track along with his director of photography. Next up are a couple of mini-documentaries which cover different aspects from the production. Then we have 4 minutes of deleted scenes and two videoclips (Apollo 440 and Destiny’s Child). Last up are cast&crew info and a couple of trailers. Too bad we didn’t get a full “Making Of” though.

A very good DVD release, much like we’re used from Columbia Tristar with a couple of interesting extra’s and extremely good image and sound quality. The movie itself is rather simplistic but very enjoyable. Must have for everyone who likes funny action movies.

Our Score:

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