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Charmed Season 1

Phoebe, the youngest sister of three decides to come back home. Prue (the oldest) isn’t really happy at first and Piper (the middle) has to intermediate between the two. Prue finds an Ouija-board in the basement and as they try to figure out the inscription on the back, the board spells out “attic”. The attic-door had been closed up untill then, but now opens for the three sisters. Besides a lot of childhood memories they find the book of shadows As phoebe reads an incantation from the book, the sisters recieve their powers. At first they aren’t aware of what happened but along the way of meeting good and evil, they learn to live with their new destiny.

In this first season you get to know these three charming sisters who struggle through life as the charmed ones

Sound and Vision:
Nothing disturbing, everything quite decent. At times the image is a bit soft and pale, but that doesn’t bother too much.


*This conclusion might contain spoilers.*

I really love the series, I have all available seasons on dvd. I have seen this first season about three times on DVD and than I’m not talking about the endless reruns on tv.

There is one thing I ask myself, a white lighter is some sort of guardian angel who protects and heals witches. In later seasons you find this person is always on-call for whenever a witch needs him, so why does he need to keep it a secret in this first season? Not only for Piper, but also for Prue, and Phoebe was never to find out in the first place…. Besides this little mindbreaker it’s a great serie, it’s been put together magnificently. Dialogue is great, etc etc… Nothing but praise.

Our Score:

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