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Roxie Hart wants to be a star in the musical world but her marriage with Amos Hart kinda doesn’t really help her ambition. Luckily she’s got a lover who appears to be able to make her dreams come true. When it becomes clear that he only wanted to get into her bed and can’t do anything for her career, she kills him in cold blood and has to go to prison.

There she meets Velma Kelly, a woman who has everything she wants but had to go to prison aswell after killing her husband and sister. With the help of Velma, Amos and “Mama” Morton – one of the female guards – Roxie hires Billy Flynn, a slick lawyer who instantly starts to make her a marter in front of the press and ultimately gets her out. The fame doesn’t last long and Roxie goes back to being the nobody she was until Velma – who’s been released aswell – comes around to visit her.

Sound and Vision:
The only minor downpoint we could find for this movie was that there’s quite a lot of grain present but it could be that this was intentional. For the rest we can say that the contrast, color use and level of detail are very good just as the rest of the image quality.

A musical needs a terrific sound score and that’s what we get. Both track (DTS and Dolby Digital) are extremely dynamic and make good use of all speakers and subwoofer. Truly magnificent.

Director Marshall and writer Condon can start off the extras in their commentary track where they talk all about the problems they had making Chicago. Next up is a behind the scenes that gives the usual promotional blabla we’re used to get from “Making Of” documentaries but we also get some rehearsal shots. Last up is a deleted scene and three trailers for other RCV productions.

We hope RCV will bring a special edition with some more decent extras but until then you can enjoy a great musical that has almost perfect sound and image quality.

Our Score:

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