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Chicken Little

One day, the alarm bell rings! The whole town panics and comes to see what is happening when Chicken Little tells them the sky is falling and a piece bumped on his head. However, nobody believes him and it looks like it was an acorn that hit him. From that moment on, Chicken Little’s life is messed up. He isn’t taken seriously by anyone anymore and his dad is clearly disappointed in his son. Chicken Little constantly looks to find a way to make his dad proud of him, and when he joins the local baseball team, everyone thinks he’s crazy. However, during the finals, he manages to get the victory for his team, something that never happened before. The whole town is again proud of Chicken Little and things look to be returning to normal again. But then a new piece of the sky falls onto his head…

Sound and Vision:
This is a digital animation film so the overall image quality should be quite ok and of course it is. The colors tend to look a little like the 50s but that isn’t much of a problem as it’s intentional.

The soundtrack is nice but a bit modest. Some more punch wouldn’t have hurt.

Deleted Scenes, some games and music for the kids, and a rather shallow Making Of is all we get.

Ever since the breakup with Pixar, Disney has been anxious to proove that they can still make great digital animation movies and it shows. Chicken Little got a major marketing machine to hype up the movie but other than that there’s little good to say. The storyline is extremely thin and combines some family problems with a War of the Worlds scenario. It’s like two short animation movies that are put together and the end result is far from great. The breakup with Pixar shows that Disney is desperate and Chicken Little is not the movie that will show Disney’s strength.

Our Score:

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