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Children of Men 2-disc SE

2027. It’s been 18 years since the last baby has been born and the world has gone to pieces. Only Britain seems to manage to keep some sort of society going on but at a high price. Flooded with fugitives from other parts of the world, the UK has reverted to a fascist government that doesn’t take human rights too seriously and with terrorist attacks all over the place, the military is present on every corner. Theo lives in London as a journalist when he gets contacted by his ex-wife, Julian Taylor, who asks his help. She’s part of the “Fishes”, one of the many underground movements that wants to revolt against the government, and wants his help to bring a woman to safety. The young woman is pregnant and if she gets to the Human Project, a bunch of scientists that represent the last hope for mankind, the future of our race may very well be saved. However, when Julian gets killed, it becomes clear to Theo that the Fishes have other plans with the woman. Theo decides to protect the woman himself and together they go on the run in the hopes to reach the Human Project before they get captured.

Sound and Vision:
Children of Men is a quite pessimistic movie and the image nicely adds to that atmosphere. Grey clouds, dirty streets and tempered colors rule the screen. The image quality nears perfection and things like compression errors or edge enhancement aren’t visible.

The soundtrack is also quite impressive with lots of use of the surround speakers and subwoofer to support the action that’s going on on the screen.

– Men Under Attack: an 8 minute feature that takes a look at the action scenes
– Futuristic Design: another short feature on the decors
– The Possibility of Hope: Feature of almost half an hour that looks out current events and how these can evolve towards the future
– Creating the Baby: the makers show how they digitally created the birth of the baby
– Theo & Julian: short feature on the archetypes in the movie
– Audio commentary by Slavoj Zizek on the background of Children of Men
– Deleted Scenes

Children of Men has received tons of praise on the way director Alfonso Cuarón managed to recreate such a realistic pessimist image of the world in 2027 and I must agree that this is indeed done very well. However, as a full movie, I found Children of Men to be quite dull. Ok, the atmosphere is perfectly created but that doesn’t hide the fact that there’s plenty of stuff that might make you wonder about how things could ever have gotten so far (nobody heard of in-vitro? Why do scientists have to hide and become some sort of legend? Why doesn’t the government do anything to solve the procreation problem?) without you ever getting any answers. Add to that the fact that most of the action is only background to this far-fetched story and the rather disappointing end and you may have an idea why I’m not so full of praise like most people.

Universal did an excellent job with this DVD by adding a bunch of interesting extras next to almost perfect image and sound quality. Strange though that there’s no DTS track present.

Our Score:

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