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Arnie Cunningham, the friend of Dennis Giulder who’s the high school football star, is the local high school nerd. One day they run into a red/white Plymouth which can be best described as “ready for scrap”. Arnie, however, immediately falls in love with the car and decides to buy it. He goes to a work shop with it where he completely restaurs is to its original condition and Christine – the car – is good as new.

When a bit later, Arnie manages to have a relationship with Leigh – a new student – it becomes clear that there’s something strange going on with the car…

Sound and Vision:
Christine was released in 1983 and the dvd shows the age of the movie. The colors are a bit pale, there’s some dirt in certain scenes and overall the image quality doesn’t impress (although it isn’t really bad). The soundtrack is 2.0 so don’t expect much from that either. I would have preferred a remake of the soundtrack and a nice cleaning up of the source, but my guess is that Columbia Tristar didn’t want to pay much attention and just release the movie on dvd.


Christine is still a great movie so any lover of Stephen King or this type of movies in general may want to check it out. Don’t expect too much of the quality though, and extras are something you can wish for.

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