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Chuck – Season 1

Chuck Bartowski is the leader of the Nerd Herd in the local BuyMore shop. He lives in his sister’s appartment and doesn’t have much of a life. His days are spent at the BuyMore or playing videogames together with his best friend Morgan. That all changes when he receives a message from his former university friend Bryce Larkin. When opening it up, Chuck suddenly gets a all the secrets of the CIA and NSA loaded into his brain.

Little later both agencies send agents to Chuck in order to retrieve the data, but when his computer gets fried, Chuck is the only one in the world who still has access to the information… through flashes from his brain.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality isn’t bad but the makers have stylized the images quite a bit which makes certain scenes look extremely grainy and the colors a bit over the top flashy. Once you get used to that, however, things look quite decent.

The sound comes with a normal 5.1 track that does its job nicely by having some good support from the surround speakers and subwoofer for music and some effects.

– Deleted Scenes
– Chuck on Chuck
– Chuck’s World
– Chuck vs. The Chuckles
– Chuck’s Online World

Deleted scenes, bloopers, casting sessions, a movie gallery and a discussion between cast members. Pretty standard stuff.

The first season of Chuck, a series about a nerd who suddenly gets a life of excitement by having all the secrets of the US government uploaded to his brain, is a nice spy spoof with some good jokes and a decent cast. Especially Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski), Adam Baldwin (John Casey) and Joshua Gomez (Morgan) are terrific in their roles. The storylines are a bit predictable but the chemistry between the cast makes up for a lot.

All in all, Chuck is a series that puts a smile on your face by using classic methods without being too obvious. Definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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