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Citizen Cohn

Roy Cohn has AIDS and is in the hospital, spending his last days and nights thinking about all the things he’s done in his life. From the jump his career got by getting the Rosenberg family the death sentence for treason to his work as right hand of senator McCarthy during the hunt for communists in the US during the beginning of the cold war. His bad relationship with the Kennedy’s and support for J.Edgar Hoover, … it all passes his mind as his last hours come closer.

Sound and Vision:
Universal really didn’t care much about this movie it seems as nothing seems to have been done to make the image quality any better. Compression errors, aliasing, film spots, … it’s all there.

The 2.0 track isn’t anything special, it does the job but that’s all there is to say.


Citizen Cohn isn’t just a portrait of Roy Cohn who was one of the hot shot lawyers that ruled during the “red hunt” in the beginning of the cold war, but also gives a good picture of the atmosphere in the US during those days. To make things even better, the movie again feels more actual than ever with the current climate of “fear” and the “war on terrorism”. James Woods may not have gotten worldfamous with his role as the intolerable Roy Cohn but it’s without a doubt one of his best roles ever and therefore it’s a real shame that Universal has put so little effort in this dvd release. The image and sound are clearly not as good as they could have been and Universal has left out a perfect opportunity to add some interesting extras (there are tons of documentaries about this period)

As far as dvd releases go, this is a miss across the entire line, but as movie itself, Citizen Cohn is a classic that you should most definitely get, even if it was “just” a TV movie.

Our Score:

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