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City by the Sea

Robert De Niro is Vincent La Marca, a cop haunted by memories of his father who was executed for the murder of a child. When the body of a drug dealer washes up, all the evidence points to his long lost son Joey. La Marca goes out to find his son but when his partner gets killed, it seems like Joey is again the killer and Vincent gets taken off the investigation. However, he doesn’t really believe his son is capable of doing such things so he continues his own private investigation and finds out that there’s more to the matter than just a drug addict on the run…

Sound and Vision:
We get sharp image with enough detail and good shadow depth without edge enhancement being present too much and also compression errors are almost absent.

The soundtrack isn’t spectacular as there isn’t too much action with this rather depressing movie which turns mostly around dialogues but when necessary, the rear channels and subwoofer do come into action. Nothing really special but it does the job.

Here’s a lineup of what we get:
– Behind the scenes
– B-Roll
– Audio Commentary
– Interviews with main cast

As you can see there’s nothing extraordinary about the extras as they’re just the usual stuff.

City by the Sea isn’t your average action-packed cop movie but rather a social drama where an again great Robert DeNiro plays a cop who’s problems in his childhood have played a very important part in the rest of his life and who’s son is going the same way but worse. However, this movie isn’t for everyone. The tone is rather depressing and the pace extremely slow which will definitely scare off people. Technically everything is alright so good job from Dutch Filmworks, but I doubt this is a movie for the general audience.

Our Score:

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