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City Heat (Clint Eastwood Collection)

Mike Murphy (Reynolds) is a former cop who’s started up a detective agency together with a black partner. When his partner gets killed, Murphy goes out looking for the guys that did it and finds a helping hand in his former police partner, Lieutenant Speer (Eastwood).

Sound and Vision:
Well, we can say the image quality is decent but not outstanding. There’s some lack of detail and some film spots present although not really irritating. Overall we’d give this a mediocre score if we would give scores.

The soundtrack is the same. Nothing special.

Theatrical Trailer

City Heat is an attempt to combine Eastwood and Reynolds, two of the biggest cash cows Hollywood had in that time, in an action comedy. No need to say that it doesn’t work. Eastwood isn’t funny, Reynolds isn’t either and the storyline is rather ridiculous. Everything looks a bit like a prequel to “Who framed Roger Rabbit” but without the laughs.

Our Score:

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