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Michael Newman is a rising star in the world of architects. However, his boss keeps pushing him to do more and more work with a possible promotion in the future. His personal life is suffering from this and one day after yet another argument with his beautiful wife, he goes out. In search for a universal remote as he’s fed up with all the different ones he has, he ends up at a store where he meets Morty, a rather strange fellow who tells him he’s got exactly what Michael is looking for. And he can even get the remote for free as it isn’t in the store’s system yet due to the fact that it’s a pre-production model. Once back home, Michael quickly finds out that it isn’t just an ordinary remote but he can actually use it to skip through the boring parts of his life.

Overjoyed with this, Michael starts using the remote whenever he can and wants and things finally look to be going great. Until the remote has learnt Michaels preferences and starts acting on its own…

Sound and Vision:
Click has very decent image quality with only minor compression errors and no edge enhancement. The amount of detail is pretty good while the colors are vibrant and the contrast is exactly as it should be. Good stuff.

This is a comedy so it’s mostly dialogue-centered but there are a couple of scenes with some pretty spiffy special effects and the soundtrack does an excellent job in supporting these. Dialogues are always crystal clear while surround speakers help with the effects and music.

An audio commentary track, deleted scenes and a bunch of short features that give a good overview of how the movie was made. All in all pretty decent extras.

I’m not a fan of Adam Sandler but I must say that his movies have never disappointed me and this also goes for Click. The storyline is pretty simple, the characters stereotypical and the movie is very predictable, but still there are a couple of very nice jokes and it’s clearly a “feelgood movie”. Click does what it’s supposed to do without making you laugh so hard you won’t be able to keep your pants on. The comedy is pretty much slapstick though – as we’re used from Sandler – but all in all I’ve seen worse.

A simplistic movie that does manage to entertain you for just over 100 minutes

Our Score:

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