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Closer Season 1, The

After having passed an internal investigation, Brenda Johnson leaves the Atlanta police department to head up a newly formed special murder squad in Los Angeles as Deputy Chief. Although she has the reputation of being a closer, someone who gets confessions that can easily be used in court, she didn’t count for her co-workers being all but happy that she came in from outside to take on the post of deputy chief. So, next to solving all kinds of criminal cases, she also has to worry about keeping her team together…

Sound and Vision:
No complaints here. The image is pretty good with decent contrast, good amount of detail and no disturbing compression errors that spoil the fun.

The sound comes in a 2.0 track which does its job but nothing more. Not bad though as the series is mostly dialogue-centered so there are little effects that could use a 5.1 track.

A bunch of deleted scenes

The Closer is a decent police series that does its job better than f.i. Bones but doesn’t manage to keep up with the top series like Without a Trace, The Wire or The Shield. The reason for this is that although the cast isn’t bad, they don’t have the quality of those in the series mentioned above. Add to that the fact that the main character is an annoying Southern woman with a constantly patronising tone in her voice and an eating disorder and I guess you’ll have an idea what I’m talking about. The fact that most characters are stereotypes from what we’ve seen in other series but with less depth doesn’t help either.

This first season comes in a nice package with four discs that have decent image and sound quality but on the extras department, Warner again decided to leave us in the cold with only a couple of deleted scenes (does anyone check those out these days?)

Our Score:

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