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Closer Season 2, The

Deputy Chief Brenda-Lee Johnson managed to get her team behind her in the first season of The Closer but that doesn’t mean everything is A-OK. While she’s solving one case after the other, her private life is getting pretty messy with her boss’ ex-wife coming around to tell everyone they used to have an affair and Brenda having doubts about who she loves. And then we haven’t told you yet that again she manages to get just about every other department hating her and even the CIA coming around for a quick chat.

Sound and Vision:
The image comes with quite some aliasing which is pretty sad seeing how recent the show is. For the rest there’s plenty of detail, good contrast levels and sharp image.

The sound comes with a 2.0 track that does what it needs but nothing more

– Deleted Scenes
– Short movie: “Breaking down The Closer”
– Bloopers

This second season of The Closer still has an obnoxious main character but at least she’s lost her annoying “Thank you!” that we got slapped with every two minutes during just about every episode of season one. The storylines are still pretty interesting to follow and as such we can say that this second season – despite having less of a red line going through it – is just a bit better even than the first. Let’s just hope Warner gets that image quality improved. Onto season 3!

Our Score:

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