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Kolonel Musterd (Martin Mull), Mr. Green (Michael McKean), Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren), Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn) and Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd) all come together in a big mansion after having received a letter stating they have to come to the mansion to clear out a “financial situation”. Once together, their host, Mr. Boddy appears together with his butler Wadsworth. All of the guests are given a weapon and Mr. Boddy turns off the lights. When they come back on, Mr. Boddy’s corpse is laying on the ground and the guests decide to investigate what has happened and who has killed Mr. Boddy.

Sound and Vision:
Well, it’s clear that Paramount doesn’t pay as much attention to their new releases as to transfers of older (and lesser known) movies to dvd. There’s quite some grain present and the film is damaged quite a lot as we see a whole bunch of dust and scratches. To make things worse, there’s even compression errors present in the form of macroblocking. Hardly impressive.

The original mono soundtrack has been put into a Dolby Digital 2.0 track but doesn’t really excell. The dialogues are clear but sound metallic and oldfashioned.

Trailer and three different alternate endings

Clue is one of the few movies based on a boardgame and it succeeds quite well in being a rather funny “whodunnit”. However, on the technical aspect, Paramount really fell short this time so I would suggest you rent it if you’re interested

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