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Cold Creek Manor

The Tilson family decide to move out of the city to the country where they hope their lives will be a little more relaxed. They’ve bought an old house with a whole lot of land and since it was a bank ceisure, they managed to get it quite cheap. Since the manor isn’t 100% ok, they immediately start doing some renovations. A couple of days after they move in, a man called Dale Massie (Dorff) enters their house. He’s the former owner of the manor and has just been released from prison. Although Cooper (Quaid) doesn’t really trust the man, he does offer him a job. When suddenly strange things start to happen, Dale gets fired. But while Cooper thought that would be the end of things, it’s only the beginning…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound quality are very good. Compression errors are down to a minimum and everything is portrayed very nicely. Also the level of black and detail are more than sufficient.

The soundtrack is dynamic and atmospheric. The surround speakers aren’t used very much but do give some extra to the overall sound and the same goes for the subwoofer. More than adequate.

– Audio Commentary by Mike Figgis
– Coopers Documentary
– Rules of the Game for this movie genre
– Deleted scenes
– Alternative Endings

Overall some decent extras but a bit more wouldn’t have hurt.

Cold Creek Manor isn’t really well-known over here which is quite sad to be honest. It’s a decent thriller with good acting from the all-star cast and also on the technical side of things, Buena Vista has done a good job. Still, the pace is a bit slow for this time and I couldn’t help but feel that some more could have been made from the storyline

Our Score:

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