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Collateral Damage

Schwarzenegger is Gordy Brewer, a happy American fireman who has a happy wife and a happy kid and they all live happily ever after. At least, until the terrorist El Lobo comes into the picture and blows up a building next to the table where Gordy’s wife and child are sitting, drinking their coffee and waiting for Arnie to pick them up. When the US government doesn’t do anything against the terrorist because he left the country already and went back to Columbia, Arnie decides to take justice in his own hands and tracks down El Lobo to his headquarters.

Collateral Damage was proclaimed to be a Schwarzenegger movie like we had never seen. Arnie wouldn’t be the Commando-type soldier who goes in to kill everything that moves, but a real person with real emotions. And indeed, there’s less bullets flying around and less explosions. Whether that makes this movie better is another question. Schwarzenegger never was a great actor, and this movie doesn’t stand out of the crowd.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is overall good although from time to time, details in shadows tend to disappear. Also minor grain can be seen. Sound quality is of the same quality with good use of surround channels, subwoofer and good positioning of the dialogues from the front and center speakers.

When you check out the cover, it seems that there are quite some interesting extras. When viewing them however, you’ll be a bit disappointed. The Behind-The-Scenes and Making Of documentaries, as well as the audio commentary from the director seem to have one major flaw : everyone that you get to see starts saying how great this movie is and how much it gives deeper insight into the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. That wouldn’t be a problem if the movie itself would have been serious enough, but when you watch it, you can’t think other than that it’s a standard action movie like many others so the “deeper insight” where everyone is talking about is pretty dumb if you ask me. Next to this, you get a trailer and some additional scenes that weren’t in the movie.

No-nonsense action movie with some disappointing extras due to the “deeper meaning” the crew is trying to give the film. Rental-material if you can’t find anything else decent. It’s not because John Turturro plays a side-character that your movie suddenly raises in intellectual quality

Our Score:

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