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Commandos Strike Force

Veterans will ondoubtedly remember it. The first Commandos was a surprise and put the then relatively unknown Pyro Studios on the map.This squad based RTS offered chalanging tactical gameplay combined in a beautiful World War II setting and could, because of that, count on a great deal of fans. Gradually the World War Two hype started to show up in gameland and as with all successful titels various sequels were released.

With Commandos Strike Force the developers seem to have done everything to counter the criticism that only the graphics tend to get updated with each sequel. They have fucked up a game that neared perfection in its own genre by making it a brainless squad based first person shooter which surprisingly manages to frustrate the gamer in every possible way. But lets start with the core: the gameplay. (Everyone has already heard of WWII or knows at least the concept of the original Commandos.)

Previously you had a whole team under your command, now only the sniper, green baret and spy are available. Don’t expect familiar faces because they are totally new characters with whom you can make the Germans’ lives a misery. From the very beginning you know something has gone wrong with this title. Almost the whole strategical aspect which made Commandos so attractive is gone and instead of that you now only have to aim and shoot. The missions desperately try to bring variation with different types of objectives but it all revolves around the same.

This wouldn’t be a problem if everything was wrapped up nicely: Black and Serious Sam are brainless shooters too in which walking straight to the enemy often is the only way to complete a mission. But those games don’t have a history of excellent predecessors and the gaphics don’t dissapoint as in Commandos Strike Force.

What has gone wrong? More than once -there isn’t even that much action- the framerate drops severly, try to aim with your sniperrifle without cursing when that’s the case. The sound also tends to fall out without reason, friends and enemies are provided with a brainless A.I. and the controls are not only stiff, but your character also seems to need a few seconds to react.

It’s clear that technically something has gone wrong seriously too and it more and more seems like the brand name Commandos and the marketing around it were leaned on as this product doesn’t even deserves to be in stores. Even the already dated Medal of Honour: European Assault or Borthers In Arms offer more for your money. And those two games are buget titles now.

I can only hope that the people of Pyro will think hard and return to the RTS concept that made Commandos big. Some things don’t have to changed and always stay good.

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