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Con Air SE

A plane filled with the worst criminals ever. After 8 years of prison and on the break of getting released, Cameron Poe (Cage) finds himself in this plane in the middle of a hijacking lead by Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom (Malkovich). While he has to try to keep his fellow inmates from killing every non-convict, an FBI agent (Cusack) has to do all he can to keep his superiors from blasting the plane out of the air.

Sound and Vision:
The image of this special edition is really great. Contrast, brightness, detail, … all great. Grain or compression errors are not to be found and except for the little film dot you can spot in a couple of scenes this is perfect image.

A pounding subwoofer, bullets and planes flying around your ears, … you can see already what I’m aiming at: the soundtrack is superb ! Only minor downpoint is the fact that the center speaker from time to time gets faded away by all the sound violence of the other speakers.

We start off with a feature that gives insight on how the makers destroyed Las Vegas in the final scene but the fact that this only lasts just over 2 minutes leaves you sitting on your couch wanting for more. Last we get the theatrical trailer and a trailer for Pearl Harbour. Not worthy of a Special Edition!

Con Air is a great action movie with a sublime cast, terrific special effects and a fantastic soundtrack. Only too bad that the extras are hardly worth checking out

Our Score:

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