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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Chuck Barris (Rockwell) is obsessed with sex. Ever since he has had his first sexual experience with his niece who didn’t feel his thingie tasted like strawberries, he’s been on the lookout for girls but hasn’t really been succesful. Everything he does in life has only one purpose: getting girls. By doing as much as possible to please the girls, he ultimately writes a song as he knows girls like songs. With the connections he’s built up until then, he manages to get the song in a TV show and it instantly becomes popular. With his new popularity, he manages to get his first girl ever, Debbie, although she isn’t worth much in bed. The same night however, he meets Debbie’s roommate, Penny (Barrymore), who’s a completely different type. Penny knows who Chuck is, she’s vibrant and completely loves sex without strings attached. Chuck and Penny start a loose relationship and one day she accidentally brings him to the idea to start a TV show. He presents his idea to the bosses of ABC Networks and gets $7500 to make a pilot episode. He’s really on the road to success, but the managers of the network don’t see anything good in the finished product so he’s back to square one. That moment, a man (Clooney) approaches him with the promise of good work for an honest pay.

The man, Jim Byrd, works for the CIA and tells Chuck he’s fits the profile they’re looking for. Chuck finds the idea of being a spy rather interesting and as he doesn’t have any cash, he agrees to go to training. He finishes his hitman education and is sent off for his first job which hardly succeeds. When he gets back home, he receives a letter from ABC that they’ve changed their mind: they want to buy his show, The Dating Game. The show is an instant succes and after a while they want to put it in prime time. However, he needs to come with an extra idea to make it even more attractive.

That very day, Byrd comes by and tells Chuck he’s got another job for him. Chuck doesn’t really want to do it, but when Byrd tells him he’s got a great idea for the show, he’s pursuaded. From now on, The Dating Show will send the couples that win to exotic locations like Europe or Asia. Along with Chuck himself as chaperonne of course, after all, he still needs to do his CIA job. This goes ok for a while and Chuck even manages to invent a couple of new shows, but then a missions goes bad and he’s captured by East-Germans. Luckily, he gets traded along with a couple of other agents for the release of a German agent and he can go home again without anyone ever knowing where he’s been. However, several of his colleagues start getting killed and it becomes clear that there’s a mole in the department and the next victim will be Chuck…

Sound and Vision:
Confessions of a Dangerous mind has great image quality with no film spots, little grain, no aliasing or edge enhancement and only very little compression errors.

The soundtrack is 5.1 but hardly needs to come into effects as most of the time everything turns around dialogues and there isn’t too much action. Still, the surround channels support the movie with nice music and some effects when necessary.


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is based on the cult memoirs of Chuck Barris himself in which her portrays to be have been a CIA hitman. The story is good and Clooney probably couldn’t have picked a better movie for his debut as director. The actors are do their job outstanding (including Clooney himself) and next to the main cast you’ll notice several cameos by – amongst others – Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The DVD is pretty good although I really find it a pitty that there aren’t any extras.

Our Score:

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