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Confidence (2-disc edition)

Jake Vig (Burns) is a conman. Together with his crew he sets up cons to get some cash out of the hands of small time crooks but one day they con the accountant of one of LA’s biggest gangsters called “King” (Hoffman). The accountant gets a bullet in his head and little later one of Vig’s people aswell. It’s clear to Vig that he needs to act fast if he wants to stay alive so he goes to the King and proposes to work for him. King agrees and demands one of his “competitors” to be conned by Vig’s crew who also will have to cope with one of King’s men to be added as to be sure they don’t hustle King again. Vig also takes on a woman, Lily (Weisz), who will help with the job. Everything is in place and set, but right before they are supposed to get the gig going, a new player comes into the picture: Special Agent Gunther Butan (Garcia), an FBI agent who’s been after Jake for years and desperately wants to capture him…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good with hardly any compression errors (you won’t see them unless you look for them), lots of detail and good contrast and brightness. Edge enhancement and grain are not present and we can say that overall, Dutch Filmworks did a great job on this one.

The soundtrack has clear dialogues coming from the center speaker while background music and effects are nicely spread around the front and surround channels. Don’t expect too many effects though as the movie has little straight-forward action but those that are present are for supporting the atmosphere.

The “vanilla” version (as Dutch Filmworks likes to call them) doesn’t contain any extras, but you can also get a 2-disc edition which has the following :
– Theatrical Trailer
– 2 TV trailers
– Trailers for other movies
– B-Roll
– Soundbites (short interview fragments with 3 leading cast members who talk about their character)
Nothing really special and personally I don’t see why we would need a special second disk for this.

Confidence is a great thriller that has a pretty good storyline and an all-star cast that performs equally good. If you like movies with different plot twists, you’ll definitely love this one! The 2-disc edition doesn’t really add interesting stuff (like f.i. a “Making Of”) so I would definitely go for the “Vanilla” version which contains only 1 disc but does have great image & sound quality. Good work from Dutch Filmworks, now if only they would add some interesting extras we would see top-DVD’s coming from them

Our Score:

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