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Conflict: Desert Storm 2

The original Conflict: Desert Storm was actually quite a good game and it sold over one million copies. It was a smash hit and what can we expect a year later? Indeed, we get a sequel. Is this successor just a quick cash-in or did Pivotal Games improve the game by a fair margin?

Conflict: Desert Storm 2 (CDS2) is a 3rd-person shooter in which your team of 4 elite soldiers will have to harass Saddam Hussain’s armies. That’s right, in this game you can still kick good old Saddam’s ass because the game is situated during the first Gulf War of 1991.

For those of you who have never played a Conflict game before, the developers included 4 short tutorials that clearly explain the basics of the game. The game has well laid-out controls but unfortunately they cannot be customized. This is a clear disadvantage, especially in a shooter game.

In this game you are constantly in control of 1 character and you give orders to the rest of your squad. You can change your character at any given time.

Pivotal Games has promoted the stealth-elements that are in the game but in reality stealth is a negligible factor. This game is all about shooting the endless hordes of Iraqi’s, while fulfilling some objectives; nothing more, nothing less.

The biggest flaw in this game is its non-existent AI. The Iraqi soldiers just come running straight at you, while shooting their rifles at random. Sometimes you get a grenade chucked at your face, which can eradicate your entire team if they were standing too close to each other.
However, the biggest threats you will encounter are tanks. These armoured menaces rarely miss and the only way to send them to Saddam’s junkyard is to let your heavy gunner fire a well-placed missile.
Luckily you never get tired of all the destruction you cause, also because of the huge arsenal you have at your disposal. Even Rambo himself would go off running to his mommy crying if he’d see you.

CDS2 also contains very varied missions. You will have to save a team of pinned-down friendly soldiers, escape a highly guarded prison compound and even defuse chemical warheads –Hmm, maybe that Texan cowboy was right after all when he invaded Iraq last year-.
Sometimes you will even have a jeep or tank at your disposal. The perfect means to give Saddam’s boys a one-way ticket to Allah. Unfortunately, the controls of the vehicles are very annoying. You only control your jeep or tank with your left analog stick and it reacts like a sailor would after drinking some bottles of scotch.

The game looks pretty fine. The textures won’t be the best you’ve ever seen, but the level-design is top-notch. The varied lighting effects and the models of your own soldiers and the Iraqi troops are certainly acceptable too. The game may not have the eye-candy that we’ve grown accustomed to by watching other shooting games (SOCOM for example) but it’s acceptable none-the-less.
Probably the best thing about the game is its great sound and music. The different background noises and gun effects are very realistic and your teammates’ orders sound just they should.
The game includes a two-player cooperative campaign that will surely cause some fun-filled hours. Each player controls two characters during the missions that you will also complete in the single player mode.


Conflict: Desert Storm 2 definitely is a good game. Everyone should at least give this game a chance because the no-nonsense gameplay, the varied missions, the huge collection of weapons and the excellent sound and music make this game stand out of the crowd. Too bad the game doesn’t pose a challenge to most players because of its horrible AS (Artificial Stupidity)

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