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Val Kilmer is former marine MacPherson who had to leave the army after he got his leg shot off in Iraq. Back home he gets contacted by a friend who requests his help with a farm near a desolate town but when MacPherson arrives the farm is nowhere to be found. It quickly becomes clear that the town is ran by one powerful man who may have something to do with MacPherson’s friend disappearing and if there’s one thing MacPherson’s learnt in his time with the marines it’s that you don’t leave a friend when he needs help…

Sound and Vision:
The image is reasonably good without too obnoxious compression errors, decent amount of detail and good contrast. There’s some minor grain present but nothing that bothers too much.

The sound does its job with clear dialogues that are well-positioned at the front center speaker while the surrounds come into action at the appropriate times. Nothing too special though.


Conspiracy is another anti-Iraq-war-movie but unlike “Into the valley of Elah” this one is more a “Rambo dislikes war so kills everyone” film. Val Kilmer really must need money if he agrees to play in crap like this. The storyline is simplistic, the acting mediocre and there’s actually nothing that makes Conspiracy stand out of the crowd when we’re looking at B-movies. Stay away from this one unless you like watching no-brains-necessary action films that don’t even have great action.

Our Score:

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