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Constant Gardener, The

After his wife got killed by Kenian robbers, British diplomat Justin Quale wants justice and goes looking for the killers. It isn’t before long that he starts to realise that his wife’s death wasn’t an accident. Apparently, she knew too much about a big pharmaceutical company that uses poor people to experiment on. As he continues his search for the truth, he becomes a target himself…

Sound and Vision:
The image has a very documentary look and therefore you don’t get to see slick images but a rather grainy quality. The detail and sharpness are very good and there’s nothing that spoils the fun.

The soundtrack isn’t something to show off your surround system with but all channels are used optimally to create a perfect atmosphere.

– Anatomy of a Globzl Thriller: quite commercial making-of that lasts 12 minutes
– Embracing Africa: a short feature on the impressions the cast and crew got from filming in Africa
– From The Page To The Screen: John le Carré tells us how this movie is the best film to ever been made about his books
– Deleted Scenes
– Extended Scene: 10 minute play about AIDS
– Trailer from other A-Film movies

The Constant Gardener is a great movie that not only stands perfectly on itself but also shows the bad things that happen in Africa to a larger audience. Really something one should watch! The image and sound are excellent and the extras are a nice addition eventhough they’re mostly pretty commercial

Our Score:

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